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It is quite obvious what it is we do from our company name, which may seem uninspiring to some, but in the world of web searches, works perfectly for us.

I have worked for over twenty years in photography & started my career working with some of the most aggressive & slave-driving photographers known to man, but am unfortunately unable to mention any names.

Back then, it was all large format film, scans & no Photoshop, so things had to be right from the outset. I still use this philosophy today; the shot should be as perfect & clean as it can be on the original image. Of course we use Photoshop all the time, but the point is that we still need to keep our eye for detail at every stage.

The years I spent in stills photography set me up perfectly for film & video production, as it is all about composition. It is not as easy to clean something up or take something out with the moving image & I am thankful to my years in photography to allow me to train myself in the art of ‘getting it right first time’.

I am constantly amazed at how many seriously bad photographers & camera operators there are in business & as freelancers. They seem to think that because they can see an image on the back of the camera that they have created a good shot; please consider this statement when choosing your desired production company. I pride myself on working with the team to get the lighting & composition right within the time constraints we usually have for various jobs & productions. The recession has not caused us any problems, as we are affordable & great at what we do!

We do not pretend to be Hollywood filmmakers, but a reasonably priced corporate film & video production company, with high production values & low overheads.

We are a simple business with big ideas!

Tony Holker

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